Dear Community,
Our work at EDGE is focussed on the goals of building community and changing philanthropy working together, funders and movements. Our Annual Conference is a key part of what brings our organizational goals into action and is one of our main nexus points for how we build community. 

How we build community at EDGE is centered on a culture of care, inclusivity, safety and joy. For us, a culture of care extends far beyond individual wellbeing and into the deep consideration of what collective care looks in practice. In this global context, and in making the decision of 
cancelling the EDGE Conference 2020, we turned to the politics and tools from the disability rights movement and chose to center accessibility, in all its forms, in this decision making process. 
You can read the entire announcement here.
The EDGE Team will reach out to participants very soon for next steps and refund policy. 
We are grateful for everyone who worked on putting this event together and who was eager to participate in it and we are looking forward to sharing our plans of how we'll continue to harness this great energy into the next gathering.