From 30 March to 1 April 2020 approximately 200 funders and social movement leaders from around the world will convene in Berlin, Germany  in order to explore how funders and activists can come together, build stronger movements, and overcome ideological divides to achieve the fundamental systemic change we need. 

Today’s global challenges, such as climate change, escalating inequalities, eroding democracies, and rising violence are too large and too complex to be understood, let alone tackled, by individual organisations or even nations. The fundamental and threatening character of the systemic crises of our times leads to alienation and reinforces the deep divides that are at the root of what is wrong with our current society: 

An ecological divide: disconnection from nature and exploitation of the Earth
A social and political divide: rising inequality, commodification of people and disrespect for human rights, erosion of civic space and democracy
A cultural divide: separation and depression facing accelerating planetary collapse, lack of community around worldviews beyond growth- and competition-obsessed individualism.

Bridging these divides means finding ways to reconnect to nature, others and ourselves, as part of a growing global citizens movement for another world that is not only possible, but actually on her way. 

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Welcome to the EDGE Annual Conference 2020 - 

Uniting for a Just Transition


Open Space conversations, inspiring plenaries and dine arounds. Have a look at what we are planning for this conference!


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 It takes a village to raise a child, and a Planning Committee to organize a conference -- meet them here! 

Venue and hotel

Conference venue will be announced very soon!

Movements Fund

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The conference kicks off the first-ever Change Funders Week, a collaboration between EDGE and Ariadne, that will highlight the transformative role and potential of social and systemic change philanthropy.


Key questions we will explore at the conference:

  • Sovereignty: How do we as individuals, groups, organizations, communities and societies reclaim and achieve sovereignty and agency, breaking out of unjust systems and patterns that don’t serve us anymore?

  • Climate Justice: Climate collapse is real. What can funders do to apply a climate justice lens to their own organisations and programming? What does the climate movement need to make a real difference?

  • Systemic Oppression: Racism and xenophobia are on the rise, and while institutional violence escalates, civic space is shrinking drastically worldwide. Which strategies and tactics can combat “anti-other” beliefs and actions and protect the human and free speech rights of activists and movements?

  • Alternative worldviews: What can we learn from Indigenous worldviews, feminist realities, and other alternative visions in order to reconnect to nature and to each other?

  • Unity: How do we fight multiple oppressions, build bridges between funders and activists, but also within philanthropy and across movements, to engage in collective sensemaking and coordinated action?


The EDGE conference will be a safe and brave space for building community and changing philanthropy for systemic alternatives. It will be largely an un-conference, with a wide array of opportunities to participate and share, learn and grow in solidarity, and engage with the local history and movements of Berlin/Germany. You are warmly invited to join us with an open heart and an open mind. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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