EDGE always had close links to progressive social movements from around the world. The relation between funders and social movements or grassroots activists is not always easy, especially when money and power are at play, and this is the reason why EDGE has constantly tried to challenge and question these power relations in our work. 

At last year's conference in Brazil, we tested a new approach to involve social movements and activists through the self-selection of movement participants according to their own criteria. 

The experiment was so successful that we decided to maintain it, aiming for up to one fourth of conference participants to come from an activist/social movement background through a self-selection process.

But we need your support in funding their participation!

You can do that through the Movements Fund’s crowdfunding box (on your left on this page) or by buying a "Movement Fund Ticket" once you register (registrations open Dec. 18th)


We aim to raise and additional €20,000 to reach our goal of inviting 40 movement representatives, and we hope you’d be part of this collaborative crowdfunding. 

Questions about the selection process? Reach out to Tobias

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